Bringing Out the Talents of Autistic Spectrum Kids

About the Book

In an entertaining synthesis of personal experience and scientific investigation, Angel Griffin describes effective methods for teaching the exceptional pupil, the Asperger’s child. As she and her son travel his road to actualization through home education, her understanding grows with every problem they solve. Angel Griffin synthesizes personal experience with scientific investigation, making practical sense of what professional know.

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Angel Griffin

About Angel

Angel Griffin grew up in an academic atmosphere, yet she struggled throughout childhood and into college with the undiagnosed learning disabilities of dyslexia and faulty visual field perception. Despite these handicaps, she pursued her interest in literature, technical writing, and science-particularly cognitive development. When her son was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, she decided to school him at home. For nine years she and her son worked together to ensure that he acquired an excellent education in liberal arts, mathematics, and the nuances of social interaction.

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